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The GH4145 Nickel alloy is same to Inconel X-750 but made precipitation hardenable by adding aluminum and titanium and thereby shows excellent resistance to high temperature corrosion and oxidation along with high tensile and creep-rupture strength,relaxation resistance as well as good fabricating and welding properties..GH4145 Sheet The GH4145 Pipe also has outstandingPrevious123456NextBniMicrostructure and mechanical properties of the IC10 The joint was welded by electron beam welding (EBW,KS15-PN150KM).Through optimization of the welding process,such as welding speed,focus current and focus beam,etc.,a typical welding parameter was selected to systematically investigate the microstructure and mechanical properties of the IC10/GH3039 dissimilar electron beam welded joint and the optimal process parameters were

Materials Special Issue Welding and Joining Processes

Welding and joining processes of materials are key technologies applied to the manufacture of most industrial products such as buildings,bridges,ships,automobiles,aircrafts,pressure vessels,pipelines,electronic equipment,and so on. To explore the macro-fracture mechanism of a friction welded joint between TiAl alloy and GH3039 GH2132,GH3030,GH3039,GH3128,GH3044,Nickel AlloyGH2132,GH3030,GH3039,GH3128,GH3044 cold stamping and welding performance.Alloy after solid solution treatment for single-phase austenitic,stability in use process organization.Main products are cold rolled sheet,also can supply the rod,ring,wire and tube products such as deformation.To be used for production work under 800 of Author Wenjun Sun,Shanlin Wang,Jijun Xin,Guanhua Tan,Min Hong,Ming Wu,Liming KePublish Year 2020A novel method of friction-diffusion welding between TiAl Aug 01,2020 gh3039 welding#0183;The tensile strength of the TiAl/GH3039 joint was improved via the friction-diffusion welding with appropriate diffusion welding parameters.The strength of the friction welded joint increased from 236 MPa to 314 MPa (that is,the tensile performance was relatively improved by 33 %) by the diffusion welding at 950 under 40 MPa for 60 min.

Author Wenhua Dai,Wenhua Dai,Sun Wenjun,Jijun Xin,Shanlin Wang,Chao Fang,Jing Wei,Yuntao SongPublish Year 2020A novel method of friction-diffusion welding between TiAl

To improve the properties of friction welded joints between TiAl alloy and GH3039 high temperature alloy,a new method of friction-diffusion welding is proposed.The friction welding of TiAl to GH3039 was achieved under lower friction and forging pressures,and the generated friction welded joints were then diffusion welded.Author Suigeng Du,Songlin Wang,Wanting XuPublish Year 2020Materials Free Full-Text Characterizing Characterizing Micromechanical Properties of Friction Welding Interface between TiAl Alloy and GH3039 Superalloy by Suigeng Du ,Songlin Wang * and Wanting Xu Key Laboratory of High Performance Manufacturing for Aero Engine,School of Mechanical Engineering,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xian 710072,ChinaAuthor Suigeng Du,Songlin Wang,Ke DingPublish Year 2020Materials Free Full-Text Characterizing GH3039 superalloy has been adopted as the interlayer to effectively implement the friction welding of TiAl to 42CrMo steel in a previous study .To explore the macro-fracture mechanism and enhance the strength of the TiAl/GH3039 friction welded joint,it is necessary to characterize the micromechanical properties of the interface and establish

Author Suigeng Du,Songlin Wang,Ke DingPublish Year 2020Images of Gh3039 Welding

imagesWeldability and mechanical properties of IC10 single Jul 22,2020 gh3039 welding#0183;The materials of the IC10 single crystal and GH3039 superalloy with the dimension of the 80 mm gh3039 welding#215; 40 mm gh3039 welding#215; 2 mm were welded by laser welding.A laser power of 2.5 kW,a welding speed of 3.6 m/min,and a focus position of 0 mm were used for the laser welding process.12345NextChina Gh3039 Alloy Steel Seamless Bar with SGS

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